HR key focus areas

The role of HR in an organisations survival post-pandemic

Many organisations human resources departments have been overstretched since the coronavirus pandemic began, with businesses now in survival mode and facing numerous challenges.

HR departments and leadership teams must ensure they are aligned and that they maintain a ‘united front’ whilst dealing with difficult situations resulting from the new or increased challenges they may be facing.

There are some key areas for HR teams to consider.

Employee psychological safety

Psychological safety has been proven to be both fragile and vital to success in uncertain, interdependent environments.  When the workplace feels challenging but not threatening, employees can sustain their highest performance.  Employers should welcome curiosity, promote healthy discussions and debates, give employees a voice, earn and extend trust, and promote effectiveness as well as efficiency.

Ethical practice

HR teams must ensure that ethical practice is applied to all aspects of organisational conduct, which includes corporate governance, employment practices, employee relations, accounting and corporate social responsibility.

HR teams and leadership teams are frequently involved in people management decisions which can often involve many different needs and priorities. HR must ensure leadership teams are made aware of the outcomes of alternative courses of action, and that they understand the consequences of each action; this will further enable people managers to make sound judgements.

With rapid changes being made to many organisations’ structures and business strategies since the pandemic, HR teams are frequently facing unique challenges as employees adapt to the changes being made.  Therefore, HR teams must champion ethical practice and work with employees at all levels of seniority to ensure the best possible outcome for all.

Informal resolution frameworks

Informal resolution frameworks are mentioned here because HR departments are more frequently required to use more informal approaches when dealing with matters surrounding conflict in their organisation, and these approaches should be made in collaboration with leadership teams.

In many cases of conflict, informal discussions between leaders or managers and employees will resolve any issues, therefore using a collaborative approach from the outset and resolving conflict early.

Coach and mentor leadership teams

Increasingly, HR teams are demonstrating coaching capability to leadership teams whilst they mentor them through situations that do not occur frequently or where there are new or updated legal requirements and regulations.

By coaching and mentoring leaders through challenges, HR teams are helping them to build core interpersonal skills that will benefit them when managing conflict, further enabling them to build strong and productive teams.

Ongoing coaching of leadership teams also strengthens their ability to identify and solve particular business challenges.

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