Technology Based Recruitment HR Specialists

Specialist industry knowledge

Our specialist knowledge in scaling technology-focussed recruitment companies allows Assure HR to provide niche services to help your company grow efficiently.

We have a vast experience with technology recruitment company infrastructure;therefore, we understand what systems, functions and services that are required for a technology recruitment company to not only survive, but also to be successful.

We have partnered with clients to design, develop and implement new or improved infrastructure, reducing their administrative burden and expense, and allowing them to expand their contractor portfolio and generate hugely profitable revenue streams.

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Scale vs. Growth

The most common simplified distinction between scaling and growing a company is that the former increases resources within a company which in turn increases revenue and the latter increases revenue without a substantial increase in resources.

For younger companies, particularly startups, there is a strong need for scale; specifically, increasing net profit without incurring significant costs. The same can also be said for micro, small, and medium-sized businesses that are aiming to reach the next level.

How we can help your company scale

According to research, most business failure is caused by lack of ‘know how’ or lack of experience. Assure HR has over a decade of specialist experience in technology-focussed recruitment companies. We have the ‘know how’ youneed to succeed.

Using the experience and knowledge garnered over more than a decade of working with niche technology recruitment companies, we can provide a number of services to ensure your company successfully achieves sustained growth. We can:

  • analyse your company infrastructure to determine where improvements are needed

  • provideexecutive searchand talent acquisitionservices to achieve your hiring goals

  • advise and coach yourleadership teams

  • conductC-level services to your executive board

  • use benchmarking and analysis tools to compare you to reliable external sources and competitors

We offer a FREE initial phone consultation for our management consultancy and HR services to discuss your requirements and tell you more about how we can support your business needs.

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